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About Presence

Presence is Rogers Group’s annual bilingual magazine.

Each issue showcases local and international stories that portray the world we live in to share about positive initiatives, inspiring causes,or promising innovations.

Publication Director

Philippe Espitalier-Noël

Publication Manager

Céline Guillot-Sestier
+230 202 65 80


Christine Decosta
+230 202 65 14

Fabiola Sophie
+230 202 6554


Eric Lee, Paul Choy, Jason Laviolette, Christopher Morley-Pegge, Rogers Image Bank

Editorial team

Élodie Casse, Elodie Charles, Fabrice Acquilina, Glynis Bristow, Elena Boulart, Sandra Mussard, Haddiyyah Tegally, Camille Grenouille, Analya Mounsmie, Elsa Tanguy, Swaleh Said, Vincent Lecordier

Conception, Art Direction & Production



Précigraph Limited

Online Magazine (Website)

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