The world of travel is evolving above and beyond the possibility of simply ‘seeing’ other countries. Tourism is now all about experiences – emotions felt, adventures you had, and most of all stories to tell when you get back home. Islandian aims to meet those needs by proposing only the best the Indian Ocean has to offer.

Islandian, the new Rogers group online travel agency, promises to serve you all the goodness of the Indian Ocean on a silver platter, sprinkled with the perfection combination of experiences and emotions, and to do it all through fabulously tailored journeys. Launched early October, it will rely on a new approach and a team of passionate island experts to shape unforgettable journeys for tourists.

“Not only do we cater for flights and hotels, but we also offer a wide range of experiences to the customers. We focus on the resort islands which are Mauritius, Rodrigues, Maldives and the Seychelles,” explains Germain Yon, Islandian Managing Director. Through this destination, the agency highlights the wide variety of activities proposed by the Indian Ocean islands.

They do not only want to leave home to be somewhere else, or to be on a beautiful beach. They want to leave their daily routine to discover something new.

Tailor-made getaways

The key to this personalised service is to initially understand every detail of the customer’s request. The offer is then adjusted according to their expectations and budget. Thus, golf fanatics are directed towards the most beautiful greens of the area. The nature lovers enter the most beautiful wildlife parks. Thrill seekers, like those who love to kite-surf, are guided towards Rodrigues Island. The avid foodies looking to taste new flavours are directed to the best restaurants that serve local culinary specialties.

“On average, it takes two weeks to put together these trips which can combine stays in two or more islands. We adapt to the travel market and the new demands of the tourists who wants to feel a connection with the places they are visiting and especially to have stories to tell to their social media followers,” Germain Yon states.

Tips from passionate ‘Islandians’

This change in the tourism industry is a twofold process. Indeed, the search for new and authentic experiences leads travellers to address industry experts directly concerning the destination that they want to visit. “They do not only want to leave home to be somewhere else, or to be on a beautiful beach. They want to leave their daily routine to discover something new. Therefore, the best person to address yourself to is a local. We have the tendency to ask questions to people closer to the destination,” Islandian director underlines.

The agency will therefore focus on the expertise of a team of about fifteen advisers who know the hotel offers as well as the leisure activities available on the various islands. Driven by their passion for the destination, with an unquestionable desire to allow you to discover the beauty of the islands, the team learn about the different destinations by regularly travelling in the area. It is the key factor in finding that unique element which will entice visitors.

“We know the hotels and the leisure activities that we put forward to our customers because we have already tested them. Our advisers know each detail of every offer and can advise the customer even when it comes to which room to pick. They have the capacity to pass on their passion to the customers, but also to advise them to make better use of their budget, while ensuring that they will be fuelled up to the brim with emotions and experiences,” Germain Yon reveals.

The Indian Ocean and its assets

Islandian is more than a brand, it is a reference. “We wanted to have a name which conveys what we are, which is inhabitants of the islands of the Indian Ocean. We want to channel this energy, as well as all this simplicity and elegance that defines us. This reference appeals to the tourists in markets that we are targeting,” explains the latter.
This new offer undoubtedly relies on the great assets of a region whose popularity is growing. Indeed, the islands of the Indian Ocean possess an undeniable stability while remaining secured destinations, and allowing easy international access. Being able to combine diversified offers, Islandian carries the visitors off the beaten track, through a selection of hotels and activities that fit their particular needs.

Pursuing new markets

Through this new platform, Rogers group intends to consolidate and strengthen its position. “This new concept aims at reinforcing our digital presence, not only in the French-speaking market but also the English-speaking market, in particular Netherlands, United Kingdom and Dubai as a first step,” specifies Germain Yon.

Although the main markets are French-speaking and English-speaking, the prospects for growth in other geographical areas are clearly evident. Eastern Europe and Scandinavian countries show an unquestionable interest for this type of tailored experience. Other niches, in particular, Asian regions, including Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur, could be targeted next.

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