We have observed a real surge of leisure activities across the island over the past decades. Tourist arrivals are steadily increasing - 96,282 tourists from January to September 2017 compared to 91,384 during the same period in 2016 according to the Central Statistics Bureau. Moreover, the constantly evolving lifestyles have called for bigger diversification in leisure activities. In order to cover growing needs, the providers in the field ramped up of originality and of research in order to match supply and demand.

A few years ago in Mauritius, the term ‘leisure’ was synonymous with beach activities. Even if these activities are still favoured, the last decade has paved the way for a new category of activities: urban leisure. Diversification requires careful thought, both geographically and practically, concerning local social, economic, cultural and ecological realities.

Therefore, considering the necessity to satisfy a growing need and eager to increase its urban leisure offers (abiding to everyone’s lifestyle), Rogers decided to focus on its leisure department. In July 2017, the group purchased ENL Lifestyle, which became Island Living. This subsidiary is now part of the Rogers Hospitality Served Market and manages several new restaurant chains.

Showcasing the Mauritian lifestyle as its objective, Island Living intends to optimise its leisure portfolio to offer a quality service, which would meet each and everyone’s expectations. It’s a customers’ world and Island Living’s brands thrive in it. As an active and privileged player in this lifestyle evolution, Rogers, under the banner of Island Living, aims at increasing its activities in order to expand the range of services according to the demand.

With the management of its wide variety of brands including Voilà Bagatelle, Ocean Basket, Savinia Bistrot and Moka’Z, Roger’s Hospitality Served Market has strengthened the already huge urban offer in Mauritius. The much favoured shopping malls, the ‘everything under one roof’ concept, offers Mauritians and tourists several opportunities, satisfying the fanatics of relaxation and leisure. In addition to a wide range of activities combining shopping, cinema, spa, happy hours and concerts, Island Living also satisfies the food and comfort buffs. Every taste and budget comes out ahead. Hotel getaways, restaurant meals or coffee breaks are already a common thing for many.

As for nature, the Chamarel Restaurant, an integral part of Island Living, offers its visitors beautiful scenery and an immersion in the Mauritian flora and fauna. Combining authenticity and discovery, it opens the door to important touristic possibilities. Along similar lines, we can find la Terre des 7 Couleurs which is just around the corner. Sportsmen will find their cut too with Island Living. In addition to the various urban sports that emerged these last few years: bowling, futsal, skateboard park … outdoor sports are burgeoning. Heritage Nature Reserve, on the Heritage Bel Ombre estate, is an all-in one leisure centre. Combining nature and sports activities, it allows young and old alike, overflowing with energy, to explore every nook and cranny on either a quad, a 4 wheel drive, a Segway or by trekking.

Consequently, the leisure offers and high range services proposed by Rogers through its hotels, ranging from three to five stars such as Veranda, Heritage, Beachcomber and Royal Palm, or even Heritage Bel Ombre, are always re-evaluating the quality of their services according with Mauritian and foreigner feedback. Rallying balneal tourism, nautical activities, explorations, one-off events and folklore, these are the ingredients to an iconic leisure revolution throughout the island.

In this ever-changing environment and in the light of greater purchasing power, the role and commitments of Island Living are thus crucial. To achieve these goals and in an attempt to offer a prosperous and respectful future to the growing urban activities in Mauritius, Island Living and its Chief Executive Officer: Richard Stedman have identified the key points to focus on over the next five years. For example, to understand the customer and his needs and to place him at the centre of any decision and development in order to provide a fulfilling experience. This integrated customer service works alongside the improvement of existing jobs where employees also benefit through stimulating training courses.

With Island Living, Rogers decided that every effort should be driven so as to optimise and develop its leisure offering, while remaining focused on the client, his needs and his environment. As it is important to make sure that Mauritians feel comfortable in his evolving lifestyle; that their multiplying needs are taken into account and that the beneficial outcomes of these changing habits overshadow the possible negative impacts.

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