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15 Years of Ascencia!

“Shaping singular places”. Since its creation, ascencia has passionately lived up to this vision. 15 years down the track, here’s an overview of the successes.

The creation of essential “one-stop shops”

15 years ago, shopping was done just a few metres from home, with a limited selection of products to choose from. This remained the norm until 2008, when Ascencia transformed the Mauritian landscape by introducing the “mall” shopping concept to the island, opening seven now emblematic shopping havens across Mauritius. Thanks to strategic acquisitions – notably Riche Terre Mall, Phoenix Mall, and Bagatelle Mall – Ascencia became synonymous with “one-stop shop” destinations. Here, Mauritians and tourists alike can access 500 stores, offering a blend of leisure, dining, services, home and sports equipments, among much more! As of June 2023, Ascencia’s malls have recorded a resounding success, attracting nearly 2 million visitors over the year.

Accessibility, comfort, security, and appeal

Gone are the days of multi-hour trips and parking hassles. Ascencia’s malls have revolutionised the Mauritian shopping experience, offering a more convenient and secure way to shop. Since 2022, Phoenix Mall has provided even more comfort through the integration of the Metro Express. This is a significant addition that is a boon for both shoppers and workers seeking an eco-friendly mode of transport to reach the heart of the island. Operating until the evening, it guarantees security and comfort for its users.

Establishing a lasting positive impact

Over the past 15 years, tackling climate change has been a priority for organisations, including Ascencia. In August 2021, the group joined the Stock Exchange of Mauritius’ Sustainability Index (SEMSI) thanks to strategic decisions that balanced profitability with sustainability. This is the outcome of its dedication to energy performance and resource management. Looking ahead, Ascencia is embarking on other ambitious projects, including the installation of a pilot biogas station at Bagatelle Mall and seeking LEED certification.

On the social side, initiatives like B’Local and 42 Market Street are empowering local entrepreneurs by showcasing their products and services in Ascencia’s malls. Born after the 2020 lockdown, the 42 Market Street currently hosts around thirty SMEs. Through its recent partnership with La Turbine, Ascencia furthers its support for impactful solutions by giving bold, innovative local projects the chance to test their products in its malls.

Ascencia: a major economic player

In its fifteen years of activity, Ascencia has created no less than 1,000 direct jobs and also actively contributes to the country’s economy. From financing the development of infrastructure and technologies, stimulating growth through supporting thousands of businesses, enhancing the country’s attractiveness to investors, and bringing in foreign capital; Ascencia had quite an agenda!

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