10%. This statistic represents the labour shortage recorded in the main sectors of the Mauritian economy*.

How is this explained? There is no doubt that the world of work has seen an unprecedented shift in recent years. While the health crisis has certainly revolutionised our ways of working, the question goes deeper than that. Today, many (mainly younger generations) do not hesitate to make a 90° turn in their successful careers into one with a positive impact. At Rogers, these two concepts are compatible. It is indeed possible to find meaning in one’s work.

Driven by our brand promise of Meaningful Change, our strategic plan for 2026 is rooted in four fundamental pillars: excellence, talent and culture, sustainable and inclusive development, and internationalisation. A company is first and foremost the sum of all its people: it is them who carry its mission forward and shape it every day. Our talents are this very driving force behind our ambition. To rally our teams behind a higher purpose that goes beyond serving the company’s interests, we must uphold a strong corporate culture. Our role, hence, lies in nurturing our talents and supporting them through an impactful learning culture that unlocks their full potential as “Meaningful Change-Makers”.

Since our talents are our greatest asset in zealously shaping a better future, we have dedicated this latest edition of Presence to them. Our thorough exploration of this theme, both in depth and breadth, is an invitation to reflect on the matter holistically and to examine, through a new lens, the challenges it presents.

I wish you a most pleasant read.

Chief People Executive, Rogers Group

*Figures: Statistics M 4 auritius (2022 and 2023)

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