It comes as no surprise when I say that we live in times of major upheaval. Yet, as a new international order takes shape, I am grateful to say that Rogers’ vision is evolving to respond to these societal and environmental challenges: we give ourselves the means to play our part in this change.
Change, I believe, brings opportunity. That’s why, at Rogers, we embrace change with an open mind. Change inspires us and moves us to action.
Sustainability continues to be increasingly integrated into our strategy – not as a sidebar to our everyday activities, but as an inherent part of our growth; the tenuous sustainability we see today can create tangible results that benefit the planet, the communities we serve, and enhance the profitability and longevity of our businesses.
To this end, we open a new chapter in our history today. Our new identity, reflecting the realignment of Rogers’ pillars and mission, is accompanied by a strong brand promise: “Meaningful Change”. An invitation to foster positive change in and around us, this promise is our “raison d’être”, guiding all our operations and highlighting our commitment to focusing on the economic, social, and environmental impact of our businesses.
This edition of Presence is also driven by this dynamic. Revised both in content and form after ten years of existence, Presence is conceived as a lifestyle magazine that reflects on the future of our country. Committed and optimistic, human and eclectic, it aims to plant the seeds of thought that create positive change. Its pages introduce the stories of the people and ideas that will shape tomorrow. Join the movement to create meaningful change together!
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