Mauritius is firmly on the world map as an ideal holiday destination and has won the hearts of many of those who visit it. The country has experienced economic growth at a rate many young nations can only envy but it owes it not so much to natural resources but rather as to human factors. Amongst these, the activities of major local business companies, and the expertise they have developed over the years, have played a major role. As is the case for Rogers, a group that has pioneered the way in many sectors, especially in international commerce, on the seas and in the air.

Over more than a century, its teams have built up successful relationships with other companies in Mauritius, in neighbouring countries in the Indian Ocean region and in Africa, as well as with business partners in those parts of Europe and Asia from where many Mauritian families originate. Here and elsewhere, the task of the men and women in our diverse enterprises is first and foremost the expression of their own free choice, providing a PRESENCE – hence the name chosen for our publication. We have used both French and English, two languages used on a daily basis by Mauritians. PRESENCE, with an accent in French or not? Not that it much matters – the difference disappears even in French when written in capital letters. The term conjures up a character, a generally quite remarkable personality, or again an influence that is easily recognised. There are many facets to the one notion, just as there are various elements in a diverse society like Mauritius, a country determined to make its mark in the global village. Our PRESENCE is for the duration. It has many faces and is, in its own way, unique. This PRESENCE is to be found in the range of services delivered by each of the components of the Rogers Group – and in the pages in this publication: the marketing and management of property; tourism facilities, including a varied range of hotels offering luxury and authenticity; financial and logistics services; air and sea transportation; outsourced management of customer relations; insurance and assets management. Whether you know a little, a lot or nothing at all about Mauritius and the Rogers Group, in reading PRESENCE, you will be able to get a feel for what makes this country tick, a country that is quite exceptional in this part of the world. It may be a small island nation but it looks to the future determined never to flinch in the face of adversity. Throughout our history, we have always shown that we know how to bring creative and positive energy to deal with any clouds that have appeared over the future.

Philippe Espitalier-Noël
Chief Executive Officer
Rogers & Co. Ltd.

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