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After South African Airways and Air France, new partnerships are emerging for Rogers Aviation, like the one under negotiation with Air Seychelles to form a strategic alliance.

The history of travel and aviation in Mauritius is intertwined with the history of Rogers Aviation. With over 70 years in the sector, this Rogers Group subsidiary has developed extensive industry expertise and built a reputation as a reliable key partner. Rogers Aviation also contributed to improving access to an otherwise remote island.

Rogers Aviation has played a pioneer role as the first general sales agent (GSA) for prestigious airlines in Mauritius. The company has now become a preferred partner for various carriers.

SAA and Air France, two long-standing partners

Rogers Aviation has long been involved in alliances. The partnership with South African Airways (SAA) dates back to 1948, in the early days of the aviation industry in Mauritius. It laid the foundation for trade relations between the two countries while boosting tourism. In the 1980s, the establishment on the island of Sun International, a leading hotel group, was a significant milestone. Some 100,000 South African tourists currently visit Mauritius annually.

Air France has been another historical partner since 1952. The agreement with the airline has contributed to deepening trade and economic relations with France. This country has a significant impact on our economy and is by far the largest source of foreign direct investment with over Rs 2.8 billion in 2018. Some 180 French companies with 15,000 employees have leveraged this strong presence to set up business in Mauritius. Air France has played a key role in positioning France as a prominent trading partner.

Three decades of experience in the Indian Ocean

Another partnership is in the offing with Air Seychelles, for which Rogers Aviation already acts as GSA. This collaboration could soon lead to a long-term agreement. A promising prospect given that Rogers Aviation has been providing a high level of service in the Indian Ocean for three decades.

In recent years, the company has expanded its operations to Mauritius and six other areas in the Indian Ocean – South Africa, Reunion Island, Madagascar, the Comoro Islands, Mayotte and Mozambique. Rogers Aviation now has a network providing global coverage – including Air Mauritius, Hong Kong Airlines, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad and Kenya Airways. The company operates 19 agencies in seven countries.

Skills enhancement and technological innovation

Rogers Aviation’s core business was originally focused on airline representation. The company has gradually enhanced its skills and innovated technologically to offer services like online booking and check-in. Adaptation has become essential to face the global economic slowdown and fierce competition.

Another strength of the company lies in the professionalism and expertise of its agencies. This contributes to enhancing its partners’ competitiveness and meeting their objectives. For example, Rogers Aviation is the main distributor for Sabre Travel Network, a leading global provider of applied solutions for the travel industry.

In June 2016, Rogers Aviation moved to new premises at Gardens of Bagatelle, after operating from Rogers House in Port Louis for nearly 40 years. The company has a workforce of 429 employees and a turnover of Rs 3.5 billion (USD 100 million).

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