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GOLF? Yes, but sustainable!

La Réserve Golf Links opened its doors in December 2023... and it promises to transform your golfing experience! But why is there so much buzz about it? Besides being one of the world’s few ‘links’ golf courses, with exceptional terrain and views, La Réserve is also pursuing the esteemed GEO certification. Let’s dive into this.

What exactly is the GEO certification?

A real mark of quality, this environmental and social accreditation is awarded to golf courses that adhere to rigorous sustainability standards. The criteria include responsible water use, terrain permeability, biodiversity protection, waste management, efforts to reduce energy consumption, and community involvement... All of these factors are monitored through regular audits. The GEO Certified label is revolutionising the golf industry by placing sustainability at the heart of the game!

How does a course obtain this coveted certification?

The process starts with a comprehensive social and environmental assessment of the course. If the course doesn’t meet the certification criteria, corrective actions are suggested. Once these measures have been implemented, independent experts audit the course with a view to granting certification.

Does GEO certification benefit the community?

Yes! GEO certification encourages golf courses’ social initiatives and underpins their commitment to local communities. The commitment is evidenced by job creation in the region, especially for the most vulnerable.

Is a sustainable golf course still a beautiful one?

Absolutely! Far from spoiling the game, this certification aims to enhance the golfing experience by preserving the environment and supporting the long-term sustainability of a course. Just a single look at La Réserve Golf Links, as it works towards GEO certification demonstrates this: lying in the buffer zone of the UNESCO-protected Bel Ombre 'Man and the Biosphere' reserve, the course is surrounded by verdant hills and boasts breathtaking coastal and ocean views. Designed by Open champion Louis Oosthuizen and architect Peter Matkovich, La Réserve Golf Links will be the Indian Ocean’s first modern links course to be GEO-certified.

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