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Helping to realise Malaysian ambitions

Malaysia Airlines’ growing interest in Indian Ocean countries is channeled through Mauritius. Since the beginning of the year, the airline has been using Rogers Aviation as its agent on the Mauritian, Reunion and Madagascan markets. Yusnodjarwadi Said, who is responsible for the company’s Eastern and Central African markets, is delighted with this development. “We’re very happy to be working with a leader in the sector in the region”. This successful new association with the Mauritian company is another stage in the airline’s expansion into Africa. It already flies to Johannesburg and Cape Town, and onward to Buenos Aires in Argentina. For flights to Mauritius, it has a code-sharing agreement with Air Mauritius. The company’s aim is to increase its partnerships so as to attract more and more business and tourist passengers travelling between Africa and Asia to use its Kuala Lumpur hub. Malaysia Airlines has the wherewithal to meet its ambitions. Every day, it carries 50,000 passengers to 100 destinations around the world and is regularly ranked amongst the best airlines, particularly in Asia. It makes a point of reflecting the sense of hospitality that is characteristic of the people of the airline’s rapidly developing homeland.

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