Heritage C Beach Club recently reopened after closing for a three-month renovation – just in time for the summer holidays. The ultimate beach club in Bel Ombre has raised its standards with a brand new decor by Ateliers du Parc & Romeuf, a renewed setting and a refreshed menu.

Back to basics

Heritage C Beach is open from breakfast to late-evening drinks, with music that makes you want to get up and move. Chef Dany’s new newspaper-inspired menu featuring dishes and news emphasises fresh produce and simple yet irresistible recipes. The a la plancha section of the main restaurant, Cyan, features a delicious sacréchien (ruby snapper) served with artichokes. The pasta section has the best gnocchi alla romana on the island and the sweet corner offers a variety of original desserts.

In addition, there is a large selection of light snacks (also available at Coast bar), including tapas, focaccias, salad and pizzas, which can be enjoyed at the restaurant or on the beach between two kitesurfing sessions. The lettuce is grown in Bel Ombre and there is a choice of salad made of home-grown baby greens and herbs. You will have fun making your own cold-pressed oil to enhance your dishes!

A healthy breakfast with smoothies and freshly ground coffee is served at Cyan restaurant while an interactive dinner experience invites guests to connect with the chefs. Different specialities ranging from Provençal to Greek, Lebanese and Hispanic are served every evening.

The beach furniture has been replaced to create more intimate and comfortable lounge areas with deckchairs, hammocks, tipis and suspended beds.

Drinks from all over the world

The mixologists and waiters at the Gin Bar, Chill have been preparing for the reopening for months. They are now familiar with the 27 types of craft gins from Europe, the United States and even Japan available on the à la carte menu. It’s interesting to know that all the cocktails, whether classic, flaming or smoked, are charged at the price of the selected spirit.

Rosé wine pairs well with Mediterranean flavours. To honour this light and festive wine, which is well-suited for seaside drinking and the climate of Mauritius, Heritage C Beach Club has created a cellar with a beautiful selection of rosé wines. Calanca is a unique concept on the island with a bright wooded area overlooking the club’s gardens. You can order the bottle of your choice from more than 60 different wines and even drink it on the spot around a friendly table.

Finally, Heritage C Beach Club guests will find some typical Mauritian spirits for a touch of exoticism, such as local craft beer from Flying Dodo and Thirsty Fox, Takamaka lychee wine, New Grove Oak-Aged Rum or Chamarel coffee liqueur. We wish you an enjoyable tasting!

Calanca’s wine list has been carefully crafted by the manager of Heritage Le Château, Frédéric Gilles, who is a sommelier trained at the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux!

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