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Heritage Le Telfair, luxury reinvented

New life is breathed into Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort. Like a hidden jewel encircled by the lush nature of the South, the hotel embodies the perfect escape, giving a new meaning to luxury and tranquillity. Dressed in white with a crown of rich flora, the hotel invites guests to discover the secrets of Mauritian hospitality in style. Open your eyes and let yourself be charmed by a completely exclusive way of life.

A new promise

On closing its doors on the 15th of May 2017, Heritage Le Telfair aroused the curiosity of its regular guests. How can a piece of paradise be perfected? Following months of renovation and intensive staff training, what seemed impossible has now become a reality. Member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and part of the Heritage Resorts rebranding “Embrace the extraordinary,” the establishment now proposes an unparalleled hotel experience, punctuated by a highly personalised service, wrapped in its 5-star atmosphere.

With architecture inspired by beautiful plantation houses, it’s now been 13 years that Le Telfair takes pride in being an ambassador of the island’s sugar industry. We like to think that it is Irish naturalist Charles Telfair himself who designed the gardens. Nevertheless, the memory of this great man lives on through the genuine smiles of the attentive staff. In an effort to take this great legacy towards new horizons, the hotel was given a fresh revamp. From the entrance hall to the restaurants, passing the suites and wellness sanctuary, soothing colours and exceptional lighting elegantly line this haven of peace.

Timeless décor

As soon as we go through the entrance hall, we are immediately immersed into the turquoise blue infinity of the horizon. The sensational sea view sets the tone as the immaculate white walls of the lobby accentuate the rest of the décor. While our feet get lost in the mosaics that adorn the floor, we are dazzled by the touches of colours that illuminate the room: green and off-white for the sofas, gold for the chandelier and inklings of red from the flowers, delicately placed on the tables. On the mythical deck two new pergolas stand. On this tropical walk of fame, we find the pristine swimming pool. Small canopy-structured islands, harbouring deckchairs, were fitted out on the new platform that surrounds the pool for more intimacy.

In line with the refurbishment of public areas, a healthy way of living is fully integrated into the everyday routine of guests. Facing the sea, restaurant Le Palmier, invites you to savour a fresh exotic mixed salad followed by a detox cocktail. To extend the wellness experience, the Seven Colours spa welcomes you to its brand-new, open-air sanctuary to enjoy a selection of premium treatments.

Take a break for a sweet snack at Kioske Gourmand, situated in the heart of the Cavendish Bar. Even though the original ceiling of yesteryear, royally dressed in the coat of arms, was preserved, the surrounding décor was revamped to give it a more contemporary feel. The lightly coloured floors add the impression of grandeur whereas the furniture, completely refreshed and embellished in emerald green, brings about an aura of prestige. The majestic grand piano and the bottles of aged rums that line the bar only intensify this effect.

Culinary escape

The culinary experience proposed by Heritage Bel Ombre’s 12 restaurants is a real sensory adventure. At Annabella’s, Heritage Le Telfair’s main restaurant, the Chef invites you to take a delicious escapade in a décor that’s both refined and lavish. Following the trend of the entrance hall, Annabella’s lobby was also completely reworked with tones of white and almond green, allowing the natural light to shine in while guests appreciate an exceptional meal surrounded by the carefully woven wicker furniture that is an ode to simplicity. On the other side, Gin’Ja, a pan-Asian fusion restaurant, sitting on the edge of beach, provides a refreshed lunch menu that reflects the scenery.

Exceptional suites

All of the rooms were transformed into suites, making Heritage Le Telfair an “All Suite Hotel.” Each suite was completely reorganised and decorated to evoke lightness and exclusivity. Spacious and bright, the suite will take you on a journey back to the 19th century to appreciate the feel of an authentic plantation house. In this soothing atmosphere, the white colour prevails, sublimed by a green wall conceived by Christian Lacroix. Inspired by the elements, water and earth, this element is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Relaxing on the private terrace of this oasis, whether you have a sea view or a garden view, you’ll certainly feel like you’re in paradise. And to ensure a completely personalised room service, a dedicated butler is at the service of every resident to make sure your stay is truly extraordinary.

Heritage Le Telfair – Green Key Award

As Veranda Leisure & Hospitality group takes heart in environmental issues, a series of ecological initiatives are an integral part of their hotel’s missions. Heritage Le Telfair proudly holds the Green Key eco-label and has committed on a daily basis to working towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable tourism industry. This effort also aims at sensitising hotel residents on the best practices they can adopt while on holiday. This includes beach litter collection sessions and recycling used batteries. The hotel also possesses its own water bottling system and the air conditioning system is set to automatically switch off anytime a door is left open. Finally, in collaboration with Reef Conservation Mauritius, the hotel is making an extra effort to protect the Bel Ombre coastal ecosystem.

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