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History, dimensions and future outlook

Rogers is a major contributor to Mauritius’ economic development, much of which is
in the tourism sector and for almost 70 years has included involvement in commercial aviation, a constantly evolving field.

Already a pioneer in maritime transportation since the late 19th century, the Group has also been a forerunner in developing the professional skills required by the airline industry to meet the demands of increased passenger movement and commercial traffic.

Globally, aviation is experiencing considerable turbulence and in Mauritius, like elsewhere, has needed to engage full throttle to stay airborne. There have therefore been a lot of changes over the past decade, requiring a genuine ability to anticipate and adapt.

There are the multiple challenges of opening up Mauritian airspace whilst maintaining a national airline, the redesigning of tourism products and growth in connectivity and flight frequency. Much is at stake for the country’s tourism and aviation industries to make sure that the journey continues happily as the clouds hopefully disperse. PRESENCE has turned to Mauritian and foreign experts for their comments

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