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House of Digital Art – Spotlight on the digital arts

The House of Digital Art (HODA), supported by a consortium of Mauritian companies, including Rogers, was inaugurated by Move For Art and The Analog Collective. This site, dedicated to the digital arts and located in the heart of the Mauritian capital, is born from a shared vision: to contribute to a more creative society and to make Mauritius a hub for digital arts and cultural innovation.

Twice a year, local and international artists are invited to participate in a call for projects to propose selected works that align with the theme of the season. Sound and light installations, street art, kinetic arts, VR experiences, tactile or even immersive experiences… HODA is an invitation to dream, experiment, and question, through multidisciplinary art installations rooted in Indo-Oceanic cultures. It’s a multisensory experience like no other.

In addition to temporary exhibitions, HODA hosts conferences, workshops, concerts, artist residencies, and screenings, facilitating the meeting of talents and the sharing of technical skills. The success of this cultural space, unique in the Indian Ocean, reflects the thirst of both artists, and the public, for creative hubs of its kind.

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