La Réserve Golf Links is set to open at the heart of the Domaine de Bel Ombre, with the stated ambition to rank among the world’s best golf courses. A success story in the making.

Heritage Resorts is launching La Réserve Golf Links to take the golfing experience in Mauritius to new heights. Following the contours of the hilly landscape of Bel Ombre, the course harkens back to the origins of this tactical game, its playing conditions constantly shaped and moulded by the elements. This new and exclusive course restates the sustainability commitments of the Rogers Group, as the first golf course in the Indian Ocean (and one of just a handful in the world) to be built in accordance with the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) standards for sustainable global golf course management practices..

A tribute to the origins of golf

In the purest tradition of the Scottish golf courses, the layout of La Réserve meets the strict criteria for a “links” course, with fairways bordered by the sea, distinctive low vegetation consisting of shrubs and grasses, as well as playing conditions that are constantly shaped by nature’s forces, offering players multiple combinations and testing their strategic decisions. The only missing prerequisite is a sandy base and even that should not deter golf enthusiasts!

“The Bel Ombre landscape comes with a precious gift: the ability to take players back to the early days of golf when every shot required a good dose of imagination. Nestled between the undulating Savanne mountain range and the powerful waves of the Indian Ocean, the course takes us back to a time when this honourable game provided a unique experience,” says Peter Matkovich, who contributed to the design of the course. 
A course built to global elite standards

With completion due by September 2022, the construction of the course is already well underway. Heritage Golf Club’s Golf Manager, Jeremy Mamet, witnessed first-hand the course’s development.

“The remarkable thing about this type of golf course is that it allows players of all golfing levels to enjoy a great experience. A skilled golfer will attempt a few strategic shots while others will choose a more leisurely round to enjoy the dramatic setting. Thanks to the ever-changing conditions on a links course, every round is different. One is always at the mercy of the elements!” he says.

The layout of the golf course is unlike any other in Mauritius; it makes the game truly challenging even for the most seasoned players. Heritage Golf Club’s General Manager, Jonathan Menteath, is convinced that La Réserve has everything it takes to become a legendary course. Designed by Louis Oosthuizen, the course ranges vertically, with spectacular sea and mountain views from every hole, and unique technical features thanks to its hilly terrain (the elevation difference between the greens surrounding holes 1 and 18 is more than 180 metres). Jonathan Menteath has set his sights on a place on the list of the World’s Top 100 Courses published every year by Golf Digest – challenge accepted!

Enjoy a unique playing experience
Hole #3

Some of the best holes seem to have been designed by none other than Mother Nature herself. And you’ll definitely believe this when you’re teeing off at Hole Three. This 390- metre, par 4 hole requires a powerful first shot to get past a gully leading to the bunker-lined fairway. Prevailing winds from the left will present even the most experienced golfers with a challenge for their second shot. After reaching – not without difficulty – the green, set on a natural ridge, players will be rewarded with an amazing 360-degree view of the sea, forest, and mountains – and of course, the southern lagoon in all its splendour. 

Hole #11

Beware of water hazards. This is our best tip for players approaching this 190-metre, par 3 hole. While it may not seem too hard to tackle in calm weather conditions, an accurate tee shot is required to get the ball close to the flag: the green is entirely exposed to the wind and hides many surprises. The ditch that crosses the fairway (connoisseurs will recognise the very demanding Biarritzstyle green, which has caused some trouble to many golfers since it was first laid out in 1888!) provides an experience that changes depending on the weather and requires a very technical shot!

Exclusive membership
La Réserve Golf Links confirms its exclusive status by allowing access only to members, their guests, and players staying at Heritage Resorts. Membership is limited, with three different categories. Essential for all golf enthusiasts, membership offers a number of great benefits, including guaranteed tee-off times, founding member status, a Garia golf cart, and participation in an exclusive annual championship for Red Diamond members. All of this adds up to a heightened experience for any golfer, which makes La Réserve an excellent investment option.
Jonathan Menteath, Heritage Golf Club’s General Manager.
La Réserve Golf Links has achieved certified status from the Golf Environment Organization, an independent international body, for its commitment to becoming a sustainable golf course. Key measures include planting  native species along the course, organic maintenance practices, and using permeable surfaces.
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