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Presence 07 – Editorial

Philippe Espitalier-Noël,
Chief Executive Officer de Rogers

Our responsibility towards heritage

Leadership, agility, dynamism. Now more than ever, these values lay the groundwork for the Rogers group. They allow a company to pursue their role in the business world without neglecting its corporate social mission.

For several decades, we have been holding a prominent place in the Mauritian economy. Our dynamism has allowed us to establish our authority and to acquire leadership status in the various sectors we serve. Efficient economic development is not the only factor that drives our business. Our mission goes beyond productivity and gives importance to human development as well.

In the interest of continued growth, all our subsidiaries engage to carry out their operations responsibly. In that respect, we’ve put the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage at the heart of our recent projects in Bel Ombre. The restoration of Heritage Bel Ombre and the landscaping of its gardens were an extraordinary adventure. But focusing on the beauty of a site is not enough. Conscious of the need to build on the natural capital, we felt it was essential that all our activities in Bel Ombre take place as part of an integrated and sustainable project that is beneficial to the surrounding communities. Because Bel Ombre has a priceless patrimonial value, it is absolutely necessary to protect it. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the name chosen for the rebranding of the estate is: Heritage Bel Ombre. It’s important to protect this heritage for future generations. Nevertheless, as time goes by, this project will continue to evolve while respecting social developments. A second phase of development is already planned with, for instance, the creation of a second championship golf course.

Rogers has a long history with this magnificent village in the South of Mauritius. That’s why, 20 years ago, we decided that it was on this exceptional site that we wanted to accomplish an exemplary project. We have already engineered several major developments, including the creation of different types of jobs and the recent coastal rehabilitation. Bel Ombre’s history dates back to 1765, over 250 years ago, so it is important for us to preserve its essence while planning its future development. And that is precisely what we did while carrying out this project. In the same way we contributed to the economic growth of Mauritius, we want the intelligent development of Bel Ombre to be an example for the other developments of our beautiful country. A leading group like ours has the duty of ensuring national cohesion, cultural influence and conservation of heritage.

In line with our business, we develop our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to succeed in these missions. Since its creation, the Rogers Foundation has undertaken high-impact projects for many populations. Our role is to trigger positive actions from every Mauritian. At Rogers, we invite our collaborators to carry out their civic duty and be part of this positive change. Through the environmental campaign “We Swing for our Coast,” we sensitised the group’s employees and encouraged them to take action.

These last months were thus punctuated by multiple achievements for Rogers. It’s an honour to lead this prestigious group that has existed for over 100 years, in all these demanding and challenging projects. But none of this would be possible without the contribution from our 4 800 dedicated and skilled collaborators. It’s thanks to them that we continue to be one of the best companies in Mauritius.

Rogers has a long history with this magnificent village, Bel Ombre. That’s why, 20 years ago, we decided that it was on this exceptional site that we wanted to accomplish an exemplary project.

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