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Here, we're putting the spotlight on people who led inspirational and innovative initiatives and experiences.

A big thank you to Qaysar Islam, the man behind “Rooftop Gardening Mauritius”. His posts on his social media channels encourage Mauritians to practise organic farming by growing vegetables on their rooftops or in their gardens. He collaborates with NGOs and helps vulnerable communities produce food for their own consumption.

Thank you to Yannick Doger de Spéville, Decathlon Mauritius’ Commerce & Development Leader, for participating in the Ironman Kärnten-Klagenfurt in Austria. He took on this sporting challenge on behalf of APSA International to raise awareness among Mauritians about diabetes, a disease affecting one in five people in Mauritius, making it the 7th country in the world most impacted by this disease.

Thank you to Diane Lautenberg, co-founder of Double Life, a Mauritian sustainable fashion company that contributes to reducing textile waste in a world where the equivalent of a truckload of textile waste is discarded or burned every second.

Congratulations, and thank you to Delphine Toulet for contributing to the well-being of children (and that of their parents). Her personalised “Gentle Sleep Coach” programme helps parents of children aged 0 – 10 years old, for two to three weeks, improve their sleep using only soft methods.

Thank you to Isabelle Joseph. a committed veterinarian, working closely with the Community Sterilisation Campaign (CSC). Her latest endeavour saw the initiation of a crowdfunding campaign aimed at sterilising the cats and dogs of vulnerable families to help reduce the number of stray animals in Mauritius.

Thank you to Dani Cameron. This Norwich resident of Mauritian origin swam the English Channel for 12 hours, raising £5,000 for people with neurodegenerative diseases (NDD). Neurodegenerative diseases cause a progressive loss of motor neurons, leading to motor disorders and progressive paralysis.

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