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A new eco-friendly golf course at Heritage Bel Ombre

A new golf course is under construction in Bel Ombre. Conceived to stand out, it has been designed in order to reduce its ecological footprint amidst the estate.

La Réserve (while the existing one will be named « Le Château »), was the first and Mauritian golf course to obtain the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) certification as soon as the construction started. Indeed, a few months ago, the Heritage Golf Club welcomed a consultant from the organisation, whose mission was to minutely examine the request. The successful visit resulted in the certification being granted, and furthered by interesting recommendations to enhance this sustainable initiative.
Some of the measures that will help reduce the ecological footprint of the golf course include the introduction of endemic plants, restricted use of pesticides (each use will need justification), recourse to biological products creating a synergistic effect in fertilisation programmes, the use of green waste to make compost, but also other measures aimed at reducing waste, and promoting recycling.
As Heritage Golf Club’s General Manager Jonathan Menteath explained: “The whole world is now astute to environmental problems, especially the new generation, to whom social and environmental responsibility is a key criteria when they choose a destination or golf course.”

A vertical course

“It is truly an exciting project, given the topography of the site. It boasts dominant views on the sea and mountains, for exceptional panorama. And it will be one of the rare vertical golf courses of the world”, added Jonathan Menteath. The naturally sloped terrain inspired golf architect Peter Matkovich and designer Louis Oosthuizen to accordingly devise the technicality and playfulness of the golf course. Indeed, every strike will require care and reflection from the player, the perfect match for challenge lovers.
Embracing pure Scottish tradition, it will be a links-type course, one that situated on the seaside, with a beachy soil and specific vegetation (no trees, only bushes and tallgrass). The golf course also stays true to the natural wave of the terrain, offering dynamic fairways.

A state-of-the-art Club House

The new Club House is designed by French architect, historical building expert, and historical heritage lover, Florent Richard. Featuring a restaurant, all-equipped pro-shop, training studios and event-hosting infrastructure, the Club House will also offer 360° panorama on the ocean, the golf course and mountains. True to its sustainable philosophy, the building will harmoniously blend into the surrounding nature in order to preserve the dominant views from Heritage Nature Reserve. « With 15 years’ experience in Bel Ombre, we know the flora, climate and soil. This knowledge helped us set the goal to bring La Réserve in the Golf Digest’s top 100 best golf courses of the world », added Jonathan Menteath.

The Golf Environment Organization in a few words

The GEO is an independent international organisation supporting sustainable development in golfing. It provides the development of golf structures, existing golf courses and tournaments with a certification encompassing various sustainability criteria. It favours three aspects : nature, ressources and community. All requests submitted to the GEO are assessed by independent examiners.

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