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“Golf for all”, Rogers welcomes golf enthusiasts…

Heritage Golf Club organised an open day, welcoming 40 youngsters, with a keen interest in golf. This initiative provided them with the perfect occasion to hone their skills, thanks to a program that was sponsored by Rogers and Rogers Capital. In an endeavour to democratise the sport, Mauritian golf’s rising star, and coach Pierre Pellegrin shared his knowledge of the game with the young guests.

Equipment provided by the famous Scottish club Royal and Ancient Golf Club, outfits provided by Rogers Capital and coaches referred by the directors of Mauritian clubs was the winning formula behind « Golf for all ». For three years now, this program has allowed a growing number of people to enjoy this sport. Each week, teenagers aged 11 to 14 are introduced to golf in their respective schools (Anahita, Mont Choisy, Avalon, Heritage). We happened to visit a golf clinic, taught by the rising star of Mauritian golf, Pierre Pellegrin, gathering forty students on the golf course of Bel Ombre.

The tenacious youngsters adopt an industrious approach to the lesson, to knock it out of the park. « I would love to become a professional player », dreams 11 -year-old Loic, who has been putting for 2 years now, thanks to the program. Further away, Gitika and Koossoom take their time, minutely calculating their trajectory and adjusting their positions before taking a swing. Perfectionist habits which pay off, as their swings prove successful. One might even find a touch of professionalism there, especially for teenagers who have been practicing respectively for a year and a half, and since the beginning of the year.

«One needs determination to concentrate and hit the ball over and over, until they finally get the perfect movement, get the ball in the hole, and have that jackpot moment », explains Pierre , who was wearing the signature colours of Rogers for the occasion, and has been sponsored by the group for a year now. What these young talents demonstrate is passion, and they are off to a great start.

From football to golf

Five years ago, 15-year-old Piere Pelegrin went from soccer to golf player. Three years later, he was already ranked second at the Rogers Indian Ocean Amateur Golf Open, only to rank first at the same tournament in October 2019.

Pierre is still studying at The Golf School of Excellence, in Cape Town, where he obtained three victories in 2018, in the Paul Mackenzie league. He will graduate in late 2019 and will continue soaring through his career while sharing his passion.

“Thanks to golf, I have a healthier lifestyle; waking up at dawn every day for a game of golf is a privilege and I feel that I’ll never grow tired of that.”

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