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Ascensia: reinventing the local shopping experience

Ascencia’s shopping malls offer visitors a unique shopping experience. Pleasant, practical, and secure, over time these malls have become gathering, cultural, and entertainment destinations, consequently capturing the hearts of Mauritians. However, instead of resting on its laurels, Ascencia constantly looks for ways to improve the customer experience and continues to implement new initiatives in an effort to run its operations sustainably.



With seven shopping centres totalling over 129,000 m2 of leasable space, Ascencia is the leading Mauritian retail property company. The company’s thirteen years of experience have been instrumental in making its malls the ideal places to go shopping – whether to buy or windowshop—, to have some family time or lunch with colleagues or friends. Thanks to their strategic geographical positioning in the north, centre and south-east of the island respectively, the malls receive more than 22 million visits each year. The formula for success rests on several factors. Bathed in light, modern and spacious, each mall – Bagatelle Mall, Phoenix Mall, Riche Terre Mall, Bo’Valon Mall, So’flo, Kendra and Les Allées – offers shopping, entertainment, and dining experiences under a single roof. Each mall hosts a wide range of shops, a supermarket, a food court with varied menus, as well as relaxation and entertainment areas. The malls are also located next to main roads and have ample parking facilities, ensuring their accessibility. To promote the use of public transport, an agreement has been reached with Métro Express to set up a metro station at Phoenix Mall. This station will be operational as from next year and will be connected to the national transport network.

So’flo Mall
A warm atmosphere for quality shopping

The Ascencia malls are home to hundreds of local and international retailers. Many well-known brands are now established on-site: Lacoste, Celio, Woolworths, Allsport, Adidas, L’Occitane, amongst others. Although each mall offers a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, as well as spacious and light-filled halls, each building fosters its own identity: Bagatelle, the country’s first mall, combines modern architecture and various natural materials; Bo’Valon Mall, launched in 2019, evokes the history of the Grand Port region and its famous fishing port, while So’flo perfectly reflects the atmosphere of Floréal, combining retro-chic architecture and flourishing nature.

A treat for the senses

Ascencia’s shopping centres also aim to offer a varied and high-quality culinary experience. Their food courts provide both local and international dishes to delight the taste buds. In July 2021, Ascencia inaugurated an atypical – and unique in Mauritius – market at the Bagatelle Mall: 42 Market Street. This modern and rustic lifestyle market of 1,500 m2 brings together around thirty, mostly local, exhibitors: restaurateurs, grocers, artisans, and service providers. Joyfully effervescent, this trendy space allows visitors to savour various dishes around large shared tables. The concept of 42 Market Street took shape after the first lockdown of 2020, through the B’Local initiative, which aimed to support entrepreneurial activities. The objective: to support Mauritian entrepreneurs by providing an environment adapted to their needs, and in which they could flourish. Throughout these challenging times, Ascencia has continued to support the local economy and to evolve, while making its operations more sustainable. The company works continuously to reduce its environmental impact, whether that means promoting recycling, working towards LEED certification (measuring sustainability and energy quality), or developing solar farms.

22 millions visits each year

SEMSI index: the value of a sustainable business

On 16 August 2021, Ascencia joined the official market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) and the SEM Sustainability Index (SEMSI). Inclusion in the SEMSI – an index launched in 2015 by the Stock Exchange of Mauritius to promote sustainable companies – rewards the company for its efforts to conduct business in a responsible way.

Bo'Valon Mall
So'flo Mall
Riche Terre Mall
42 Market Street, Bagatelle Mall

Aims to recycle at least 50% of waste by 2022

Green initiatives

Ascencia is heavily involved in developing a circular economy strategy, with green initiatives including: the treatment of wastewater; management and recycling of waste produced by mall tenants, with the aim of recycling at least 50% of the waste by 2022; the reduction of electricity consumption, mainly through photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of some mall buildings (allowing them to produce almost 30% of their energy).

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