“To travel without meeting others is not to travel, it is to move.”

This quote from French explorer Alexandra David-Néel fits Rogers Hospitality like a glove. For us, hospitality means reaching out to others. It means sharing unique experiences, fostering meaningful encounters – with an island and its own rhythm. Its landscapes, its men and women. To welcome means to create the unforgettable out of the ephemeral. Happy moments, precious memories.

Established through the merging of VLH and Island Living, Rogers Hospitality combines all the ingredients of a successful marriage. With 2,400 employees and 17 brands, a passion for people drives us, and a taste for sustainability carries us forward. Yet the real secret goes further: here, one and one make three, and the notion of “Hospitality” is lived in capital letters. Big words mean big adventures. Let the journey begin…

We are

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