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“Brèdes” Exhibition, a melting pot of cultures

In the global spotlight of diversity, Mauritius’ local leafy greens, “Brèdes” are the main ingredients of this vibrant cultural melting pot. Blue Penny Museum curator Emmanual Richon and artist Deepa Bauhadoor collaborated on a book that explores 50 “brèdes” variants’ intercultural roots and role in fighting hunger and food crises. In conjunction with this, the Blue Penny Museum facilitated a dedicated exhibition starring these local hearty greens.

As nutritious powerhouses, local “brèdes” now represent a burgeoning sector. The book and exhibition go beyond display; they’re a call to action, raising awareness about local resources and fostering collective preservation efforts towards self-sufficiency.

Rogers, through the Rogers Foundation, has sponsored the production of this book, exemplifying the Group’s commitment to preserving our cultural legacy, heritage, and biodiversity.

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