Philippe Espitalier-Noël • CEO - Rogers & Co. Ltd

Rogers has opened a fresh chapter in its dynamic and long history by refocusing on its main sectors and its strategic partnerships, thereby encouraging sustainable long-term business activity.

The Rogers brand is capitalising on its positioning and the strong reputation it has had for more than a century in undertaking a restructuring process, necessary in order to adapt to changing global circumstances. The Group’s new catchphrase, Focused Energy, Every Day, equates with a wish to see its operations moulded by focused energy and everyday determination in order to consolidate its position and investments.

Rogers also benefits from the enhanced support of the ENL Group, which now holds a majority 59.7% stake in the company. “We began as a minority shareholder in Rogers some forty years back and we have actively sought to strengthen our position within the company.

As well as our shareholder involvement,” ENL’s CEO, Hector Espitalier-Noel, tells us, “we have also contributed in a constructive way to Rogers’ strategic planning and to its socio-economic involvement choices.”

This shareholder adjustment opens the way for new opportunities of growth for both entities, without requiring drastic rationalisation. “We believe that synergies which emerge naturally are preferable. We know the value of the Rogers’ brand and how effective its teams are. There is no doubt that we shall very quickly find common ground and that our collaboration will benefit both groups.”

The Rogers of the 21st century is built on such strengths as a solid balance sheet with major assets, a quality network of contacts and partners, recognised expertise with substantial market share in each of the sectors in which it operates, and a united, competent and balanced team. Its strategy is built around a strong enterprise culture, based on seeking significant return on investment, with a requirement for immediate results – without, however, sacrificing the potential offered by long-term planning.

The key words in the new Rogers are optimising the potential of activity, involvement, confidence-building, winning ideas, courage and responsibility, in order to best take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves and to build a better tomorrow. To achieve its objectives, the Group has chosen to maintain the exceptional advantage its property assets afford it, in order to continue its forward march towards new horizons in tourism, logistics, property and financial services, as well as such complimentary professional sectors as travel and information and communication technology.

Hector Espitalier-Noël - Chief Executive Officer - ENL

Historically, Rogers has had major involvement throughout the tourism chain and remains committed to it, despite the current difficult situation. It has played a pioneering role in the sector for the last sixty years and has a hotel arm with six hotels (in the three -to five-star range) trading under the VLH brand (686 rooms in total), as well as a substantial interest in New Mauritius Hotels, the country’s largest hotel group. The Group’s valuable property assets in the southwest of the island also continue to be deployed through the unique range of what is offered in the Domaine de Bel Ombre, which is on Bel Ombre Sugar Estate land. The Group will also continue its support to such select partners as Air Mauritius (the national flag carrier), the Villas Valriche luxury residential estate project and tour operators Mautourco and White Palm.

Rogers has also been strongly represented in the travel and aviation sectors since 1945 and offers a unique
range of services through its BlueSky travel agencies, the airlines it represents and its ground-handling services. These activities are reinforced by its involvement in Croisieres Australes, the specialist catamaran cruise operator, and the BlueConnect call centre, which is a partnership with BlueLink International, an Air France-KLM subsidiary.

Velogic is firmly anchored in a dynamic sector, with involvement in Asia and Africa, the motors for global economic development. It is a major player in the flow of goods in the Indian Ocean, as well as between the region and the rest of the world, and consolidated efforts will be made to expand and broaden its scope in the international logistics sector.

In the property sector, the Ascencia investment fund gives Rogers a unique platform from which to engage in the on-going long-term development of the considerable potential of the property stock at the Group’s disposal and other sectorial opportunities. Collaboration is also envisaged with ENL Land, a subsidiary of the Group’s major shareholder, in order to create the bases of a unique powerhouse in the sector in Mauritius and indeed outside the country.

Rogers’ shareholding in the Swan Group alongside two other major Mauritian investors, the Terra Group and Eudcos, opens up new possibilities, given Rogers’ established leadership in the insurance, stockbroking and portfolio management sectors. Obviously, the Group will look to consolidate its presence in other financial service sectors.

The Group, moreover, is consolidating its strategy to take advantage of the potential of information and communication technology, through its Enterprise Information Solutions subsidiary and its strategic partnership with AXA Assistance, part of the AXA Group, the world’s leading assistance provider.

Rogers, then, is continuing in its endeavours to build a future for the country, both in its role as a source of employment for many Mauritian families and in the social responsibility field, as well as taking visionary steps in order to develop new markets in a competitive economic environment.

Rogers’ clients and customers remain all important in what Rogers does. The Group’s management is confident that all the shareholders who support its development, as well as all stakeholders, will benefit from the new structure.

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