“Focused Energy, Every Day” Against a backdrop of constant change, the modern business model requires the effective channelling of energy and determination on a daily basis. The Rogers of the 21st century is continually reinventing itself by building on its strengths, in actively embracing change and in encouraging a company culture that rewards competence.

Rogers has never had a problem in facing up to change. Throughout its 113 years of existence, the Group has consistently shown its ability to look at its strengths and weaknesses and adjust as necessary, in order, with its partners, to optimise financial returns for the benefit of its employees and shareholders. Recent corporate developments mark a decisive turning-point in achieving a clear management structure to take the Group forward.

Throughout our companies, we have chosen to retain the exceptional property and other assets which it would be difficult to build up anew in a small island like ours. Our Group’s solidity is based on a property bank which offers us major long-term potential. Our diverse and quality property holdings – leisure and hotel investments in the tourism sector, our logistics platforms and our significant commercial property interests – all form part of an integrated whole.

We are maintaining our involvement in all aspects of the tourism industry, despite the difficult circumstances, concentrating on enhancing our skills and on our unique positioning. We are therefore making the necessary investments to help refocus the Mauritian tourism sector and consolidate our leading and long-term role.

Rogers entry into the Swan Group, as a major shareholder alongside the Terra Group, also presents a unique opportunity for long-term development in the financial services sector.

Moreover, the ENL Group’s enhanced involvement in Rogers enables us to expand our horizons by making mutual use of our strengths. The ENL Group was founded in 1827 and it has had a shareholding in Rogers for almost fifty years. The expertise available in the two companies, as well as our common investments, will enable us to benefit from the resulting synergies over the medium term.

Economic and financial systems globally are going through a period of uncertainty, during which a company’s experience and long-term vision become increasingly important in order to secure stable growth. Our positioning so far as the future is concerned is also based on our conviction that we operate in societies which have successful futures ahead of them and on a moral obligation to protect our environment.

We have devoted a whole section of our current magazine to our Group’s social and environmental involvement, mainly in the fight against HIV/AIDS, where we have seen tangible benefits thanks to the concerted and coherent activities of those involved. We have always been guided by the strong conviction that economic prosperity should be tied to social and environmental responsibility. It is the only way to achieve long-term sustainability.

The range of the magazine’s contents reflects the Rogers Group’s own range of interests. In reading it, we hope that you will gain a fuller idea of the new horizons we are travelling towards and will thereby fully appreciate our PRESENCE.

Philippe Espitalier-Noël
Chief Executive Officer
Rogers & Co. Ltd.

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