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Creating the unforgettable

A new logo means new branding. Rogers Hospitality is no exception to this rule. The group’s identity is built around a firm promise: “Together, let's create exceptional moments”. Axelle Mazery, Chief Communication Officer, explains: “Hospitality is an important value for us. It goes beyond how we welcome or serve our guests. It is a vocation, a passion.”

Taking care of our guests, making them feel valued and at home: these are the basics. But more than that, “our raison d’être is to create real experiences, with and for our guests”. By this, we mean “experiences imbued with emotion, that leave a lasting impression”. In other words, it is how we can go from ‘customer experience’ to ‘customer enchantment’. There is no manual to explain how to make this magic happen.
“It’s a question of dedication, creativity and shared passion. The most important thing is the human factor. That’s what makes the difference.” The human factor? It’s the little things – a wellthought- out gesture, a bit of conversation, a friendly attitude. Real, spontaneous hospitality. This is expressed through the concept of “Maument”, a contraction of “Mauritian” and “Moment”. The ambition is “to make our ‘Mauments’ shine all over Mauritius and beyond.” This sunny vision of hospitality drives all of the
group’s efforts and has a lofty goal: “To make excellence an everyday value and become a trend-setter in all the territories where our brand is active.”

A homemade logo

Why look far away for talent when you have it at home? Rogers Hospitality has answered this question with a logo created in-house. The idea? To let the group’s finest writers loose on the word ‘hospitality’. The result: six variations have been selected, in a handwritten style that gives the impression of a signature. This led to the creation of an elegant logo that highlights the human element and simplicity. It will be deployed on all the brand’s communication media.

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