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Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi. Transforming a territory into a brand

Nature rules and life thrives in Bel Ombre. The region is proud of its history and values, as well as its commitments and ambitions, reflected in its reinvention under a territorial brand, “Lamer. Later. Lavi.” (Sea. Land. Life.), envisioned as a vibrant tribute to its countless treasures.

A vast natural heritage

The Bel Ombre lagoon epitomises the conservation efforts carried out in partnership by its stakeholders. This legendary landscape is home to rare native fauna and flora, a forest protected under UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme and a terrain rich in resources and treasures. Several authentic and welcoming villages, where people lead a simple life of sharing, have plenty of stories to tell. Bel Ombre is a symbol of life in all its forms. To be worthy of its name, this earthly paradise is committed to preserving and revealing its natural beauty and hospitality by creating a model territory, resilient and inclusive, where local happiness matters most. Reinforced by this desire, and its exceptional heritage, the region has created a new territorial identity that emphasises its commitment.

A land where nature and people thrive

“Lamer. Later. Lavi.” This three-word manifesto brings together the unchangeable and inseparable elements of the territory that form the focus of all the region’s efforts. There is only one goal: to promote the emergence of a new ‘promised land’ at the forefront of sustainable and inclusive development, paving the way for a more sustainable future for Mauritius. This promise, expressed in Mauritian Creole to reflect the authenticity of Bel Ombre, encourages those who live in or explore the region to rethink the way they relate to nature and the world around them. How can we make human activities more environmentally friendly and reduce our ecological footprint in a place where life is in full swing?

A multidimensional brand

“Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi.” is the origin and the destination of both a sustainable development journey and social cohesion – a virtuous circle. The brand has been crafted to facilitate awareness-raising on the environmental challenges facing the island. Even more importantly, the brand is intended to reinvent tourism by establishing a new relationship with nature and the territory’s communities, emphasizing the region’s uniqueness, rich history and authenticity.

To move from concept to reality, the territorial brand carries several strands:

  • Sustainability. The Rogers Group’s long-term ambition is to make Bel Ombre a carbon-neutral destination. The Group’s operational teams are already working towards fulfilling this commitment; initiatives already deployed include showcasing local produce in the vast choice of dining options offered by the hotels of the Domaine; obtaining certifications that align with the goal of making Mauritius a more responsible island, such as the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) certification for the upcoming La Réserve Golf Links or the
    Green Key eco-label for Heritage Resorts properties; and establishing a circular economy that re-visits issues such as waste management in the area. Coupled with offsetting CO₂ emissions through purchasing carbon credits, these measures enable Heritage Resorts to offer carbon-neutral holidays since October 2021.
  • Society. Awareness-raising and living well together are key concerns for the territorial brand. Large-scale ‘edutainment’ initiatives are being designed to showcase the region’s biodiversity and alert locals and tourists alike to its importance. The Heritage Resorts Academy continues to provide local people with hospitality training, in a programme designed to benefit the region.
  • Culture. Promoting the culture of the region and the values of its communities lies at the heart of the territorial brand’s DNA. The World of Seashells Museum, with its display of 8,000 different species from the private collection of Mr Le Court de Billot, the Château, renovated in 2017, and the Summer Vibes events created in 2020 (intended to be repeated in 2021), are designed to bring culture to life and incorporate it into the image of the destination.

This challenging and ambitious project needs support from all of the Group’s stakeholders as it makes Bel Ombre a model of sustainable development for the rest of the island.

Mauritius retains only 2% of its native forests – mainly in the Bel Ombre area, whose wild forest habours 180 flowering plants native to the island. The Rogers Group is working to preserve and restore this precious heritage while raising awareness of the critical importance of the ecosystem it belongs to.

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