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Heritage Resorts – Unforgettable experiences

Thanks to the superb setting provided by the Domaine de Bel Ombre in the far South of Mauritius, Heritage Resorts is able to offer its hotel and villa guests a veritable panoply of fabulous and memorable experiences.

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Set in a superb estate, stretching across more than 6,000 acres of pristine countryside, the Heritage Resorts’ hotels – Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort and Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, as well as its villas, offer residents a variety of unforgettable experiences, quite exceptional for a single site. There is so much to enjoy, from golf and kitesurfing to beauty treatments in luxury spas, as well as the C Beach Club, the trendiest club in the South. It would also be difficult to imagine a more idyllic setting to exchange vows of undying love, savour life as a couple or enjoy a group or family holiday.

Fantastic golfing surroundings

With views of some extraordinarily shaped mountains in one direction and blue sea stretching into the distance in the other, the Heritage Golf Club course has established itself a reputation as the best of all the beautiful 18-hole courses in Mauritius and the region. Running through lush tropical landscape intersected by rivulets and small lakes, it was carved out with great care so that it fits in with the naturally undulating terrain.

This masterpiece of a par-72 champion-ship golf course was designed over 250 acres by the famous South African architect, Peter Matkovich, of Matkovich and Hayes. The variety of countryside makes each hole unique, motivating golfers of all levels with the determination – and the possibility – to excel.

The Heritage Golf Club also enables golfers to practise over a 9-hole course, all par 3, laid out in the heart of the championship course, with a putting green, a chipping green and a driving range also available. Beginners and those wanting to improve or perfect their game have access to introductory sessions or courses with a PGA Pro, with video supports.

As for the 19th hole, the Club House has both a restaurant and a bar for those seeking to refresh themselves and relax.

A haven for board sports

Those who enjoy outdoor activities will find the Domaine de Bel Ombre the ideal spot for kitesurfing. The
C Beach Club’s stretch of water has proved to be one of the best places to practise this spectacular sport in Mauritius, with excellent wind and sea conditions.

Seizing the opportunities a fine day offers, when golden sunshine bathes the clear blue seas, kitesurf enthusiasts can experience a real injection of adrenaline, winging their way over the waves. The kitesurfing school, Kite Globbing, enables every level of rider (over 8) to give free reign to his or her desire to enjoy the pure pleasure of surfing and powerful sensations.

Temples of well-being

Especially on holiday, moments of well-being are equally precious. A delicious explosion of fragrances and colours greets visitors as they cross the thresholds of the oases of relaxation that are the Seven Colours Village Spa in the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort and the Millesime Collection of the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort.

The Seven Colours spas bring together a selection of some of the world’s best beauty treatments, enhanced with authentic Mauritian touches and by superb facilities. The philosophy is based on the seven colours of the chakras, our centres of energy, with personalised treatments adapted to individual requirements.

« The Place to C, The Place to B ! »

Relaxation continues at the C Beach Club, where the senses drink in the chic and trendy atmosphere, and where there is a choice of activities and dining for all ages and tastes. Wonderfully laid-back moments, with a friendly atmosphere and surrounded by a tropical and trendy decor on the edge of the beach.

It’s always all happening at the C Beach Club! Cyan, the main restaurant, has both a set menu and buffet for dinner. Coast specialises in delicious Mediterranean cuisine at lunchtime, with an a-la-carte evening menu particularly featuring Italian dishes. Chill, the lounge bar set between the pool and the beach, is a great place to meet up for a drink during the day or in the evening.

Those wanting activity will find plenty to keep them occupied at the Cabana boat house, with water sports galore. It’s all cool, like the Teen’s Club with the latest equipment and an attractive programme of daily activities devised just for them.

That’s without mentioning the fantastic evening events for which the C Beach Club has become renowned far beyond Mauritian shores (see also the article on page 112) and all the opportunities the setting provides for private functions such as wedding or business receptions.

Tropical idylls

For a dream marriage beneath tropical skies, the Domaine de Bel Ombre offers a host of possibilities. Alone (or almost alone) for an intimate ceremony with the waters of the Indian Ocean as witnesses, kissing the feet of the newlyweds on a golden, sandy beach. Or a fairy-tale wedding, surrounded by friends and family, in the midst of the colourful gardens of the Château de Bel Ombre, a mansion dating back to colonial times. The Domaine de Bel Ombre is also one of the most romantic settings for a honeymoon. It is a magical place, bound to arouse the most wonderful feelings as guests enjoy their first moments of wedded life

A working holiday

One of the complications of group travel, whether for a meeting, a conference, an incentive trip or any other event, is how to satisfy all tastes. The range of what the Domaine de Bel Ombre offers makes it the ideal place to hold a gathering that will go down in history. It is a place that will recharge a team’s batteries or provide a worthy thankyou to colleagues, clients or partners.

There is provision for everything needed for the organisation of a conference or a seminar, or to provide an incentive, a reward or for team-building, with the latest equipment, a heavenly setting and plenty to do. To add to it all, Heritage Resorts can also organise magical and unforgettable themed evening functions.

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