After almost two years of economic uncertainty, the time has come to look to the future. Two lockdowns, the closure of local and global borders and the uncertainties that have resulted from this unique situation have not dampened our spirits. We have redoubled our efforts to prepare for what comes next, while maintaining unshakeable confidence that the future holds great promise. We stand ready to begin this new page in Mauritian history, which marks the long-awaited return of international visitors to our country, whether they come as tourists, investors, or members of the business community. Now is the time to reassure our partners and customers. It is a time for us to share our confidence in the future, and to ensure we go forward with the same openness and sense of hospitality we have shown in the past.

A word from Philippe Espitalier-Noël Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Group

Many of the future’s promises are already becoming a reality in Bel Ombre, embodied by its new brand: “Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi.” A land of hospitality, a land of experiences, but also a place for recreation, Bel Ombre is resplendent with its rich biodiversity and the many forms of life that thrive there. With the launch of this new brand, with its resolute commitment to sustainability and the protection and preservation not only of the region’s biodiversity, but also of the very essence of our island – what one might call its soul – the ambitions and hospitality of our group are taking shape. A promising future for the region’s communities and stakeholders is emerging, alongside new perspectives for its visitors, by means of a redefined tourism offer that focuses on carbon-neutral stays. Discovery, nature and encounters being the key words for unforgettable visits.

Looking even further into this sustainable and resilient future, we are continuing to rethink all our operations to reduce our impact on the environment. The certifications and labels obtained by our various divisions, ranging from Green Key certification for the Heritage Resorts hotels, to GEO (Golf Environment Organisation) recognition for the future La Réserve Golf Links, to the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme for Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, are the foundations of our mission to put this 2,500-hectare estate on the map of sustainable destinations in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean.

This vision does not stop at the borders of Bel Ombre, but is shared by the entire Rogers Group, as demonstrated by the commitment made last August to achieve carbon neutrality for all our activities by 2050. This ambition has become a real driving force within the group and gives added meaning to everything we do. With this goal in mind, Rogers Hospitality’s ‘Now for Tomorrow’ sustainability program sets clear targets that we are all eager to meet. This program echoes the Rogers Charter, adopted a year ago, which defines our areas of focus: climate, biodiversity, circular economy, inclusive development, and vibrant communities.

We are looking to the future in each of the group’s areas of activity through a lens of sustainability, with great optimism.

Building on this commitment, and mindful of market competitiveness and the need to move forward with agility in the face of the crisis, our businesses have taken advantage of this period to begin a transition towards operational excellence. Our new entity, Rogers Hospitality, incorporating all of VLH and Island Living’s food, accommodation, leisure and lifestyle services, will undoubtedly enable us to increase our commercial strength, boosted further by the long-awaited reopening of borders.

At Rogers Capital, too, the future looks bright. Five years after its creation, this subsidiary of the Rogers Group is still showing improvements in its performance and its capacity for innovation. 2021 has also opened up new prospects on the stock market for Rogers with the listing of Ascencia on the Mauritius Stock Exchange’s Official Market in August and Velogic’s launching on the Secondary Market in December. Both companies, leaders in their respective industries, offer both the general public and investors the opportunity to participate in their growth, providing a positive outlook for the future.

Each of these developments promises a sustainable future, in every sense of the word, for our business. We are committed to keeping these promises, for all our stakeholders. Today, more than ever, we are ready to embrace the future and its challenges, and to shape it in the best possible way.

This issue of "Presence" is the tenth issue of a magazine that we have always wanted to see as enduring and... sustainable. Aware of the carbon footprint of our activities - and of the carbon footprint of paper publications that tell our story - we have decided to reduce the print run of the magazine and increase our reliance on a digital version that will carry our messages further afield and relay them to a larger number of readers. This tenth-anniversary edition of Présence thus marks the magazine’s entry into the digital era, with readers now able to find all ten issues of this magazine at a single address:

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