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Next station: Phoenix Mall

The long-awaited station is here! Let’s focus on its convenience and the surprises it has in store.

It comes and goes… What can we do during the waiting time between two tramways?

Given that a train runs every 10 to 15 minutes, you can have direct access to the market at Phoenix Mall – and to its 33 shops – to buy a milkshake or a snack on the go… But be careful: food and drinks are not allowed on board the metro!

Stilletto-friendly or sneakers-only?

You have the choice! Thanks to the direct link between the commercial centre and the station, stiletto af icionadas do not have to give up their high heels (message endorsed by a Fashionista who works at Ascencia, the owner of Phoenix Mall).

Is going from Curepipe to Phoenix possible during lunchtime?

Sure! Your favourite restaurants and shops are only 15 minutes away by metro. However, be careful to factor in the train schedule to avoid any stress.

Let’s discuss its name: should it be called a ‘stop’ or a ‘station’?

Phoenix Mall Station is the name of this station which is directly connected to the eponymous shopping centre.

33 outlets

Up and running since the 9th of October 2022, the Phoenix Mall Station blends into the commercial centre via a new extension, which accommodates no less than 33 shops and food outlets unveiled to the public later that same month. This new extension of the mall includes retail spaces and kiosks, comprising the coffee shop Paul at the station’s entrance, an additional catering offer, as well as other outlets selling fashion accessories and electronic devices.

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