Rogers is aligning its brand to a new strategic vision with the aim to emphasise the Group’s corporate culture, its core values and to harness new opportunities.

Rogers is aware of the importance of repositioning its brand and has undergone a brand refresh exercise. The aim was to re-energise and modernise its image, but above all to redefine the strategic vision of the Group and its served markets (Fintech, Hotels, Logistics and Property) in line with a strong promise, “Co-creating meaningful opportunities”.

This follows a brainstorming carried out in April 2019 in order to shape a common future, provide innovative solutions and create value for the Group’s customers and partners. To infuse this new momentum, the foundation of the corporate culture has been summarised into three key values.
While Leadership and Agility have been maintained, Dynamism has been turned into Excellence. They now make up the Group’s DNA (see box) and are central to all its endeavours. The adjusted identity also forges a more powerful and appealing brand vision.

The goals are clear: to better understand market and customer needs and promote collaboration at all levels. Going a step further, it involves acting as agents of change, demonstrating a commitment to taking growth opportunities and expanding the Group’s international footprint.

Co-creating meaningful opportunities

3 core values

AGILITY or the ability to anticipate change and address it together in a coordinated way.

EXCELLENCE or the commitment to quality and timely delivery.

LEADERSHIP or the bold commitment to be useful to others.

Towards sustainability

Refreshing the brand also means creating a new team synergy around the concept of “Uniting Energy”. The idea is to attract and unify talent around a set of shared values that Rogers translates into often-cited attitudes and skills, such as courage, determination, honesty, expertise or humility.

This exercise has fuelled the new 2019-2023 strategic plan that is under preparation. Six main dimensions are high up on the roadmap: marketing, digitalisation, operational excellence, internationalisation, sustainable development and inclusive growth as well as human resources.

These critical issues are complementary as part of the Group’s transformation. The whole point is of course to address each of the related challenges. There is also a number of cross-cutting commitments and initiatives, including sustainability. A committee is already working on this issue.

This is a new paradigm. Another way of considering development and understanding growth. To break down the walls, broaden the focus and restore the future. The Group has great ambitions, which are not unachievable: to leave a better world than the one we inherited. And this may be the best opportunity.

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