Straight from Kenya, the TrackRight application, exclusive to GCS Velogic, offers cutting-edge logistics solutions with a commitment to sustainability: it is an innovation that could well transform the sector.

The Rogers Group’s logistics segment, Velogic, established itself in Kenya in 2016 through a partnership with General Cargo Services (GCS) and now operates in seven countries. In June 2020, the TrackRight application was launched to meet the logistics challenges of the company in East Africa.

A wide range of functions

The application has a threefold mission: to simplify the management of distribution fleets in East Africa, to optimise the flow of goods via an interface designed for drivers, and to help reduce CO2 emissions through route optimisation.

The sales teams can proactively manage orders thanks to customised dashboard alerts. They can perform real-time monitoring, optimise routes, schedules, and resource allocation. In-depth analyses also help to improve driver and fleet performance.

Drivers benefit too, with access to well-thought-out tools that facilitate their work in the field: notifications for each new order; communication with the various stakeholders; optimised route calculations. Proof of delivery is also available by scanning barcodes and inserting notes, images, or digital signatures, considerably reducing paper use.

Sustainable ambitions

Like the rest of the world, Africa is facing environmental challenges. The transport sector accounts for a significant proportion of CO2 emissions all on its own. GCS Velogic’s TrackRight is an innovative solution, as the application calculates the carbon footprint of each trip – mainly due to fuel consumption when transporting goods. This enables customers to identify and implement measures to offset these emissions – it is a bold approach that encourages environmentally-friendly practises in the logistics sector.

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