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Who said container houses were not modern?

It's not hard to imagine them sitting on top of ships, but containers are also making inroads into our urban landscape. Interest in container houses is not new, but their advantages are increasingly gaining the attention of a generation conscious of today’s ecological issues.

Are they an attractive option?

Let's take a closer look at a few myths surrounding container houses.

Are container houses eco-friendly? Absolutely.

Firstly, recycling containers that are no longer used for maritime shipping promotes the circular economy. Secondly, since container houses are above-ground constructions, the structure does not damage its environment. Two advantages for the price of one!
Myth 1

Container houses are not strong.

False! The lifespan of a container house is estimated at 40 years. The metal structure of containers is known for its exceptional durability – as evidenced by the conditions under which they are transported and the contents with which they are loaded. Living out its life as a house? A walk in the park after a lifetime at sea!

Myth 2

Container houses do not offer flexibility.

False! First of all, container-based constructions do not require a Building and Land Use Permit (BLP). That’s one less administrative hassle. They are also completely modular: single-storey or multi-storey, block or row, a group of containers… Let your imagination do the rest! 

Myth 3

Container houses are small and ugly.

False! For the record, a 40-foot container has a floor area of 28 sqm. Grouping five containers together gives you 140 square metres to live comfortably in. Container houses can be customised from floor to ceiling, enough to make the prettiest of villas pale in comparison. Good to know; you can even install a swimming pool in containers… From an aesthetic perspective, the results can be amazing!  
Myth 4

Container houses are not innovative.

False! Architects and engineers are already working on integrating home automation into container homes to optimise their comfort and convenience. ‘Home automation’ includes all the techniques or technologies that enable the automation, centralisation and even programming of various appliances in the home. Air conditioning, security, energy, multimedia, or even watering plants can be managed remotely or on-site – and this is just the beginning. Viva la revolución!  
Myth 5

Building a container house costs nothing.

True… and also false! The cost of the structure is obviously unrivalled. The robustness and flexibility of containers also provide a real advantage in reducing the cost of work. The cost of the materials used to create an interior to suit your taste remains the same, regardless of the structure! The size of your budget will depend on how much you want to personalise your home.    
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