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Sustainable gastronomy at Heritage Resorts

In July 2022, Heritage Resorts organised Mauritius’ first Sustainable Gastronomy Week, with star chef Christian Têtedoie from Lyon joining the event as the guest of honour. The event will now take place annually. Sustainable gastronomy means promoting food that has been produced and supplied in alignment with environmentally friendly practices, favouring local and seasonal products. Ram Appadoo, chef at the Château de Bel Ombre, explains what is at stake.

Why is it important?

To feed tomorrow’s world!

By 2050, the global population will reach 9.7 billion. This means we will need to produce more food while still protecting the environment.

To create a fair economy.

Local and regional economies are supported when we prioritise buying from small producers, farmers, or workers.

For our health.

Fewer pesticides and non-essential antibiotics = food that is healthier for the body and meets the criteria for sustainable agriculture.

To reduce our carbon footprint.

Favouring short supply chains (in particular, by limiting the number of intermediaries between the producer and the consumer), sourcing local and seasonal products, and ensuring proper waste management are practices that show greater respect for our planet.

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