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Flexibility & security: New parameters to calibrate tomorrow’s digital tools

The emergence of telecommuting, nowadays, calls for more and more remote, versatile and efficient technologies. Let us take a look back on the origin of this phenomenon, and focus on Oriyel, the latest platform developed by the Digital Factory of Rogers Capital, which was inspired by this turning point within the business community.

How could we overlook the accelerator effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on IT systems? Telecommuting – which was still raising a few eyebrows – has established itself, over the past two years, as a key prerequisite for the functioning of any company. During this rapid growth, Cloud Computing quickly followed the trend, as if work and data relocation go hand in hand. How to secure employees’ online access regardless of their work location? Which comprehensive formula could best accommodate all divergent needs? These issues had to be tackled to develop digital tools that will be useful today and in the future.

The cloud, of course!

It turns out to be the perfect solution. Intangible yet omnipresent, the cloud gives instant access provided an Internet connection is available as a sole requirement! Data are, therefore, universally and instantly stored, edited and updated… So much so that all stored data can be retrieved given that nothing gets lost in it! Then, how do we uphold fundamental principles regarding privacy, security and effective interfaces while providing controlled access according to the needs of each employee? The Rogers Capital Digital Factory successfully tackled this challenge by creating Oriyel, a multi-feature cloud-based platform accessible via a simple browser.

A hybrid and versatile solution

Since it serves as a portal via the user’s browser, giving access to a work environment, this platform can be used in-house and as a Paas (Platform as a Service) – a technology that opens up access to both simple cloud-based applications and a company’s application. Thanks to the considerable leeway it grants, the platform provides the option to create tailored access and features based on the user’s needs for restricted, nonetheless relevant and targeted access. This comprehensive tool comprises a Front End, a Back End, and daily updates. It is easily accessible to web developers for system maintenance. It is a centralised access to data and commands which entails security, a critical aspect as any breach would undermine the integrity of the database.

To protect this valuable environment, Oriyel complies with the most stringent cybersecurity principles, which form part of the US Federal Defence Protocol (in accordance with SOC 2 Certification – Type II Certification, Federal/Defense Accreditation HIPAA Compliance).

The Digital Factory made these efforts to create a secure platform for both the employer and the employee while providing a pleasant experience.


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