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Alain & Marie-Christine Deschâtres: “A memorable wedding anniversary”

Three years ago, when Alain and Marie-Christine Deschâtres arrived at Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort after a long flight, they little expected to enjoy one of their best wedding anniversaries ever...

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Alain Deschâtres is the Head of Treasury at Arianespace, the world leader in commercial space transportation services. He has travelled all over the world with his wife, Marie-Christine. The French tourists had heard about Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort through a friend and instantly fell in love with the hotel. “We were immediately struck by the wonderful atmosphere. We have stayed in many hotels, but we have never experienced such a welcoming atmosphere as in Mauritius, and particularly at Le Telfair.”

When they arrived at the hotel on 29 April 2010, they had no idea of what the staff had in store for them. “Our room was decked out superbly. In the evening, we had planned to have a quiet meal at the hotel’s main restaurant, Annabella’s. However, the hotel’s management had already organised a dinner for us on the beachfront at the Gin’ja Restaurant,” says Alain. “A bottle of champagne was already on ice waiting for us and we were treated to a magical dinner with a musician playing during the meal. It was one of our best ever wedding anniversaries. Every effort had been made to ensure that this very important day would be a day for us to remember.” Every time we walk past the beach, it brings back memories of that wonderful evening.

Alain and Marie-Christine, who live near Fontainebleau, just outside Paris, are now regulars. Their stay in April 2013 was their sixth at Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort. “This is the ideal place for a great holiday,” Alain explains. “Le Telfair is ideally located, with the sea, swimming pools, a range of hotel facilities and fine dining. It is a real treat for food lovers. Golf enthusiasts will also be blown away by the championship golf course, which is fabulous and very well maintained.” Alain, who has a golf handicap of 13, is proud to have scored a hole-in-one at the Heritage golf course’s eighth hole. “I’m waiting for my hole-in-one plaque to be displayed. And bear in mind that I am only the 14th player to have managed a hole-in-one on the course since 2006!”

Alain has a stressful and demanding job and Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort is a great place to recharge his batteries. “The stress-free fortnight that we spend at Heritage Le Telfair allows me to get my energy back and go back home rested, ready to face the challenges of the financial markets.”

The couple is already planning next year’s trip and discussing with the hotel about organising their first family holiday with their two sons and daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

“When you find a place like Le Telfair, it is tempting to stay for ever. The only problem is that we have to go back home to work, before returning here and enjoying wonderful moments all over again.”

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